Terminating Your My Chauffeur Account

Please Confirm Terminating Your Account

Before continuing, please consider the following information.

By terminating this account, you will lose your My Chauffeur Account. We will delete your account data and information across the My Chauffeur network. This includes the contents of your My Chauffeur Airporter and My Chauffeur Tours and/or Wine Tours accounts, as applicable.

In most cases your account will be deactivated and then deleted from our user registration database in approximately 7 days. This delay is necessary to discourage users from engaging in fraudulent activity. Additionally, we will send you a confirmation email to confirm your request before the final deletion. Please contact us if you do not receive this confirmation within 7 days.  All account financial balances must be at zero for the termination to be processed.

We are sorry to see you go!
Are you sure you want to terminate your My Chauffeur Account?


IF YES, PLEASE OPEN EMAIL BELOW OR CALL 503-969-4370, For email: Print Full Name in Body & hit send. It will automatically give us your email address & tell us to terminate your account.

Portland 503-969-4370