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World Class Beer Touring

With over 60 breweries, give or take, 2-3 dozen good-beer bars and thousands of places to buy craft beer within the city, Portland Oregon IS ALL ABOUT BEER. Known as the "beer capital of the world", the city boasts more breweries than anyone! There are over 200 brands of IPA sold--just IPAs. You will not imbibe lightly, so order your brew bus today!

Drink Like A Local...Understand Portland.

When in Portland, sample the distinctive elements of our local beer culture. These selections represent the city's individuality very well.

Our Current Lineup (broken down into both pubs and individual beers) Includes...***

PUBS (NE, SE & NW Portland):

  1. Breakside Brewery - Gaining instant fame in 2015 for their IPA ("Best Beer in Oregon"), they are known for experimental ales using culinary ingredients. The brewery makes beer in many idiom's (IPAs, pilsners, kolsches, saisons and abbeys). 2 locations in the NW (Slabtown) and NE (out toward the airport).

  2. Gigantic - Reflecting the idiosyncrasies of Portland better than any other, it's one lone regular is their IPA. Everything else is released on a one-time only basis along with their one-time numbered label, and when their gone, their gone.. They're indie, quirky and hugely accomplished. The tasting room is called the Champagne lounge and attracts a huge cadre of locals-in true Portland fashion-before 5pm. In the SE near Reed College.

  3. Deschutes - It's still on the short-list for the state's best brewery, and has a huge selection--everything from 4.5% cask ales, experimental Belgium's to imperial giants. Try their Fresh-Squeezed IPA. In the Pearl.

  4. Lucky Lab/McMenamins - Making old-school (1995) hoppy ales, they began back when Portland was a working class, blue collar town with a hippie sub-culture. The mellow, communal, lefty spirit that makes Portland both the least religious and one of the most liberal cities; you can see right here with people gathering on the back patio with their dogs that frequently turns into a union rally... If you want to understand Portland, stop at Lucky Lab for a quick pint. Also has great pizza. Inner SE. If you are looking for a grand, themed brewpub, a McMenamins choice is in order. With a dozen or more properties to choose from, you can enjoy the elementary school experience, the poor farm experience, the Masonic Temple experience or the tiny flat-iron building looking out onto busy Portland experience (Ringlers Annex), amongst others. They all come with Portland's crunchy vibe, psychedelic art and a slightly country feel. The Pearl.

  5. Looking for a 5th or 6th, we have a secret fun place to help round out your night. It's open til 2:30am* and have a boneyard for those who don't/will not make it! lol**

* All breweries close by 12 midnight or earlier (Breakside 11:30-11pm, Gigantic 12-10pm, Deschutes 11-12am and Lucky Lab 11-12am)

**What we mean by this is that they carry Boneyard RPM IPA (7.5%).


  1. Boneyard RPM - When Boneyard launched in Bend, it sent RPM hurtling like an ICBM into the Portland market. Dinosaur IPAs died, being replaced by a legion of modern beers bearing the Boneyard influence. Available around town.

  2. Cascade Noyaux - It's been 10 years since Cascade started making its very strong, very tart 'Northwest Sours'. Using Lactobacillus, aged months or years in barrels and usually flavored with local fruits, they're unique to the city and the world. It's hugely laborious and time--consuming and worth a try. We'd also recommend Apricot Ale or Kriek, but Noyaux best illustrates Cascade's approach... After shucking the fruit off for other beers, they take the stone, crack it and remove the meat (the noyaux) which gives this beer its amaretto-to-maraschino flavor. Only available at Cascade.

  3. Hair of the Dog Adam - When Adam (Hair of the Dog's 1st beer) debuted in 1993, it showed Portland what mature brewing looked like. It's a giant beer, dark and smoky and very very rich. But tread lightly on Adam (10% abv). Only available at Hair of the Dog.

  4. Upright 6 - Tucked away in a basement brewery, Upright has had a huge effect on our beer, directing the city's palate toward complex, food-friendly ales.  Their #6, a dark rye saison is one of their heavier ales, their most food-friendly and the most unusual.

  5. Occidental Pilsner - About 5-10 years ago Pilsners and Lagers (Breakside, Ninkasi, Upright, pFriem and Ecliptic) became very popular in Portland. One of our faves is Occidental way out in St John's, which has the richest expression of malt and hops.

Click  HERE  for Brewpub tour details/options.

Have a question about the Brewpub tour, just ASK below! Call or text 503-969-4370 between 7AM & 9PM Daily or just ASK below by email!

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* The # of stops/options is not guaranteed with any length tour and is influenced by your group size, groups pace and other factors. We get to as many as possible within your tour's hourly length.

(See HERE for detailed descriptions & MORE...)

**You may choose your own brewpubs or you may leave that up to us. As well, let us know ahead of time if you have an interest in a brewery behind-the-scenes tour or anything else customizing your package. Most of the brewpubs also have great casual dining. See link above for brewpub info.

NOTE: This tour does NOT include a behind the scenes tour of a brewing facility, unless requested ahead of time.

Why Portland?  Malted grains, Old World traditions and NW classic recipes. And because we have the perfect ingredients-hardy hops and barley right in our own backyard-Oregon's Willamette & Washington's Yakima Valleys. In the 1980s, a change in Oregon's law allowed brewing and retail sales to co-exist; behold the Oregon brew-pub. Other states are trying to follow our lead, but they're still well behind us. In the city that churns out more craft-brewed suds than any other, exceptional beer has become the rule.

Why My Chauffeur?

  1. ...PRIVATE, personalized tours with luxury sedan/limo or luxury party/brew bus (see below) and door to door service for a festive, SAFE event.

  2. Lower cost (up to 60% less than the others) is our norm.

  3. Concierge Service - We'll plan your route, pick your breweries (unless you prefer to do this yourselves), give brief introductions/ histories at each brewery and answer questions. We'll also check out the events before you go to see if there's anything you shouldn't miss.

  4. And 'cause we know our breweries... We know the best ones with the best beer deals.

But how the heck do you get to taste without being overwhelmed? Don't fret, we're here to help. The best way to tackle it is by the Portland Brew Bus, choosing a few breweries and enjoying a pitcher(s) or sampler tray(s) at each...

(See here for Corporate Event)

The Portland Brew Bus:

Enjoy Touring Limos Custom-Designed for Panoramic City Viewing. Travel in style and comfort in our 12/16-passenger Limo Brew Bus or any of our other vehicles. See the city through the oversized windows, stretch out with ample leg room & 6' 4" standing room and tour comfortably with luxury interior and deluxe air-conditioning.

  • Comfortable, spacious seats

  • Extremely large tour windows

  • Perimeter couch seating for a luxurious, festive event

  • Outstanding sound system

  • 3 Bars

  • Neon Lighting




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...'Now tread we a measure with My Chauffeur!'...

Celebrated as a Gala event, My Chauffeur Brew Bus Tour service is provided fresh with love and attention.  Learn more about Our Story.

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The bride kissed the goblet; the knight took it up,

He quaffed off the beer, and he threw down the cup,

He took her soft hand ere her mother could bar,

'Now tread we a measure, with My Chauffeur Brew Bus!" said young Lochinvar.**

**Lockinvar by Sir Walter Scott; italic words and other words added for emphasis.


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